Call for Interoperability: creating a European coordination network for eHealth interoperability implementation.

IHE-Europe role:

IHE-Europe participated to the project as a contributor and expert for workpackages.


The CALLIOPE Network is part of the Open eHealth Initiative, which is driven by Member States health administrations. It has been initiated by stakeholders representing 17 health authorities and 10 organisations and associations representing networks of physicians, community pharmacists, patients, industry and health insurers. It represents a targeted effort aiming to establish an appropriately governed, composed and structured open forum, with the focal goal to support Member States to implement interoperable eHealth solutions, in close collaboration with the key stakeholders, including users, industry and payers.
CALLIOPE will then serve a first set of operational objectives i.e., elaboration of a common Interoperability Roadmap, review and advancement of the EU Interoperability Recommendation and facilitation of pre-standardization processes through liaison with SDOs. It will furthermore offer a portfolio of targeted support services to be provided on request and by mobilizing, to the extent possible, external resources, thus setting the network on track to self sustainability. This set of activities and related deliverables will also enable testing the network processes and the results will comprise part of the independent evaluation at the end of the project.



Interoperability Roadmap and recommendations. The primary goal of the recommendation is to contribute to the development of overall eHealth Interoperability by 2015. In this way, it provides a set of guidelines that aim to achieve the interoperability of electronic health records at local, regional, national, and cross-border levels.


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